About Cornerstone

Cornerstone engages with organizations and companies who have a desire to be 'Great Places to Work' . This involves having effective human resource(HR) business processes in place throughout the entire organization. We are able to help identify, implement and support effective HR processes, while at the same time coach the current team how to effectively maintain them.
This includes best-practice hiring processes through an employee termination, and everything in between.
As part of our support, we can also assist in reviewing and with broker partners, establishing insurance strategies from employee insurance benefits (Health, Life, and Disability) through strategies for buy-sell agreements, Supplemental Executive Retirement plans, and more. Through our support model, we have many long-standing client relationships that we are helping to become 'Best Places to Work' in the marketplace.

ACA Compliance

With the Affordable Care Act and all the complexities and new requirements it brings to employers, let us utilize the systems and tools to help your organization ensure compliance.

Self-Insured Health Plans

If necessary, we have access to broker partners with Self-Insured Consortium Products that can effectively cap your risks while at the same time return any unused claim fund to you. Let us do a plan review to see if a self-insured option makes sense for your organization.

Fully-Insured Health Plans

Through our broker partners strong independent carrier network, they go to great lengths to ensure the best possible rates for our clients.

Life and Disability

We work with our broker partners to give you access to creative and affordable life and disability strategies, between company and employee paid benefits levels. Many clients do not believe they can afford these important plans and are surprised to see how nominal the costs can be. Call us for a review whether you already have these plans in place to understand your coverage levels, or if you are exploring them for the first time.

Business Continuation

Many companies do not have a plan for their business to continue beyond the current leadership team, or with an unexpected death of an owner. We can help with the planning and funding of continuing your business and helping to fund a business transition so that the current owners and leaders can retire.

Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP)

With an independent review, we can work with our broker partners to evaluate Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans that may make sense to attract the talent your business needs for its success.

Hiring Process

A bad hire, especially in a leadership role, will have a negative impact on your organization, financially as well as its impact on other associates, vendors and customers. Let us support your hiring efforts by implementing and training your team on using a best practice hiring process to minimize the risks of a bad hire and maximize the potential for hiring the right person for your organization.

Performance Improvement

In some cases, the difference between an average associate and a high performer is having an effective Performance Improvement process. We can support your organization by working with your team to put a Performance Improvement plan and process in place. This will have a positive impact on both the organizations overall effectiveness, as well as the employee’s morale in many cases as they begin to see how they can meet the expectations of their superiors.

Employee On-Boarding

Let us help streamline your employee on-board, and ensure you have the systems, checklists and processes in place to remain in compliance with the respective regulations.

Executive Coaching

In many cases, the executives and leaders within organizations have no one to confide in, or to help them grow in their role. We provide Executive Coaching for this very reason. We do not pretend to know everything about your business, but can support your executives and provide a safe environment for them to grow and mature in their role.

Personal Responsibility Training

Is your assessment that within your organization, the ‘blame game’ is occurring more frequently than you would like, and silos are beginning, or have formed, between departments? We have a training program that can have a positive impact on your associates and help you move towards making the types of organizational culture changes you may desire to see.

Personality Profiling

Better understanding your personality, as well as the personalities of those around you can have a significant positive impact on working relationships, and corresponding organizational effectiveness. We have several tools that we can use to support your organization better understand personalities within your leadership and work teams.

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